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A World in Disarray

American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order
Jan 26, 2017
I haven't read this book yet, but I have heard the main shill for the CFR, Haass, plenty of times, ad nauseum. Please keep in mind that the CFR was sure the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership, that FTA to end workers' rights, et cetera] would pass - - and just a little while back, VP Joe Biden [the clown who claimed the Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, wasn't a dictator, but WikiLeaks' Julian Assange was an international terrorist] promised the CFR that he and the prez [now former prez] would get it passed! Good job, Joey! Haass is attempting to say everything is in disarray because the unwashed masses weren't following the CFR's plans, which are really the global banking cartel's plans. Ho hum . . . Both the description and the CFR are still pushing this meme: // The United States remains the world's strongest country . . .\\ Except, Russian ECM is far advanced to ours [electronic countermeasures]. Except, thanks to CFR-backed offshoring of jobs, technology and investment to China, Chinese satcom technology is now more advanced than America's; China has antisat weaponry; China has anti-aircraft carrier missiles; China is on par with the USA in aircraft technology, possessing generation five jets, thanks to their hacking into the Pentagon and BAE and stealing all the plans, specs, et cetera, and they have Aegis-level naval systems, for the very same reason! So how is it we are still // the world's strongest country \\ ??? Methinks old Haas has been in that job far too long . . . . It appears with the Trumpster there's been a change of plans, in with Gen. Michael Flynn and Peter Navarro [who are actually the ideal progressive choices for those positions] and a logical strategic tilt towards Russia and away from the growing militarism of China [thanks to Corporate Amerika] and the head choppers of Saudi Arabia and the attendant jihadis. It appears there will be no more support for al Qaeda in Syria, or the Taliban, et cetera. Major changes afoot, evidently . . .]