Jul 12, 2021TeensReadItFirst2 rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Eleanor L. Collins introduces an intricate plot and distinct characters in this debut novel. The plot twists throughout kept me engaged, especially during the more fast-paced second half of the book. Collins does well in foreshadowing and laying the groundwork for plot twists and building up to the climax. While some characters were a bit two-dimensional, with an exceptional few with complex dynamics to the main character (Milena) definitely strengthened the story. Highlights of this book includes the flushing out of character dynamics and plot twists. On the other hand, the characters, dialogue, and relationships could be more three-dimensional and flushed out. Personally, I found Milena to be a bit flat, especially in the beginning. While she does develop along the way with her experiences, it was hard to read her whining of chores and gardening. Some secondary characters fell into stereotypical tropes, with little chemistry or realistic interactions to support their actions. While it does improve as the novel progresses, it was definitely a major component of the rating. Characters are eventually developed more, being given backstories, motives, and understandings, which I very much appreciated. Regardless of these obstacles, Collins shows much potential within both character building and plot from her debut novel. I look forward to future installments of this series.