Jul 12, 2021TeensReadItFirst2 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Tina Z. The novel Sister of the Bollywood Bride is written from the first perspective from Padmini. She shared her experiences about planning her sister’s wedding, starting a relationship with her new crush and also thinking about her future university education. Since it was written in first person I got to be in Padmini’s shoes made me realise how she was feeling in the different situations. For me personally I really enjoyed reading this novel from the first perspective because it kept me engaged with the character and the character development that occurred to Padmini and her friends throughout the story. For me as a reader of this novel I really enjoyed Madini Bajpai’s writing style. It was written in an easy to read font with page breaks when shifting to different topics or parts of the story. This enhanced my enjoyment a lot because I knew that I wouldn't need to think about which lines belong to which sentence, since the words are not too small for me to read. I typically enjoyed the shifts between the different subjects throughout the story because they were all really smooth and seamless, so I didn’t even notice it happening. The character interactions in this novel were really well. There were sometimes misunderstandings about what was happening, but overall communication was well executed. Overall I really enjoyed reading this novel. It enhanced my love for books and I would rate this novel a five out of five.