Apr 09, 2020
JOANNE'S MYSTERY PICKS The residents of Three Pines have had their share of grief in the past and have recovered. But how will they ever recover after the events that take place in this novel? It all starts with a mysterious figure, hooded and clothed in black, who takes up a position in the village center of Three Pines. The figure neither gestures nor moves yet conveys a sense of evil that is almost palpable. Armand is asked to intervene, but what can he do when no crime is being committed? And then someone is murdered – and the flood-gates open! The novel covers a six-month span between the events of the murder and the trial of the accused. During this time, Armand Gamache struggles with his conscience as he knows that he was the catalyst for many of the events that unfolded during this time. Penny has woven an intricate plot that supersedes anything that she has written before. Her characters are as real to us as if they lived right next door and we readers are sitting next to them in that courtroom as the trial unfolds. An amazing mystery from this incredible writer!