Oct 11, 2012
When Cousin Clara’s cottage was consumed by a crocodile (fortunately, she wasn’t in it), she came to live with Lester and his parents. All was well until Cousin Clara, who loved to knit, decided to make a new sweater for Lester to wear to school. Shriveled yet saggy, with holes and purple pom-poms everywhere, the sweater was hideous to behold and hideous to wear. To be polite, Lester wore it to school, where he was teased all day long. Later, the sweater was found in the laundry, mysteriously shrunken, stringy and unwearable. “No problem!” declared Cousin Clara and immediately began to knit again. The second cardigan was just as dreadful as the first. It was pink with a tail and upside-down pockets all over. After school was finished that day, the pink sweater was “somehow” shredded to pieces by the lawn mower. “No problem!” said Cousin Clara, and started to knit again. And so the week continued, each morning with a frightful new sweater for Lester to wear to school, and an inexplicably ruined sweater each evening. Not once did Cousin Clara grow tired of knitting yet another cardigan – but how Lester dreaded wearing them each day! Was he doomed to look ridiculous for the rest of his life? Listeners will laugh when they discover how a troupe of clowns is able to save the day for Lester in this droll, witty tale, generously sprinkled with alliteration, wordplay and clever illustrations.