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War on Our Doorstep
The Unknown Campaign on North America's West Coast
Book - 2002
Pacific Press
The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Newspaper Monopoly
Book - 2001
Keepers and the Kept
Introduction to Corrections in Canada
Book - 1997
No Longer Available Availability details
Grace Grit and Gusto
Profiles of Remarkable Royal City Women
Book - 2012
Margin of Terror
A Reporter's Twenty-year Odyssey Covering the Tragedies of the Air India Bombing
Book - 2006
Face Off or Interface?
Are Science and Religion Destined to An "in your Face" Confrontation or Can They Together Form A Vessel That Will Contain Both Comfortably? ; A Riling but Constructive Essay
Book - 2009
The Measure of A Man
The Story of A Father, A Son, and A Suit
Book - 2011
Salmonbellies Vs. the World
The Story of Lacrosse's Most Famous Team & Their Greatest Opponents
Book - 2013
1-25 of 32 items
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