The Cousins
The Cousins By McManus, Karen M. Book - 2020 | First edition

Reviewed by Lauren M.

The Cousins by Karen M. McManus is an intriguing novel. While being primarily a mystery, the underlying themes of romance, friendship, and family build a story with many layers. Overall the plotline is incredibly engaging and unpredictable. The regular surprise twists in the second half of the novel add much suspense to the story and make it impossible to put down. I found the family dynamics presented in the Cousins to be very interesting. The class differences illustrated by the author give a more diverse perspective to the characters and their individual struggles as well as how their grandmother’s wealthy background influences the people they interact with. Ultimately it contributes to an important message about how money can be a corrupt motivation in peoples’ lives.

Throughout my reading, I noticed how well developed and unique the characters were. The author does a fantastic job of conveying the tension between certain characters whether it was romantic or based in hatred. I quickly developed favourites (and least favourites) and felt satisfied with how everyone’s individual storylines concluded. I would absolutely recommend The Cousins to anyone looking for a simple but thrilling read.

Rating 5/5

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