A few years after the events of Ready Player One, Wade isn’t doing well. He struggles with his personal relationships and he’s sinking into depression. But then he stumbles onto new technology that Halliday left behind, making the Oasis more immersive and addictive than ever before. He also triggers a new quest that will require him to rely on his friends, both the old and the new, more than ever.

While I did enjoy Ready Player Two, my expectations were so high from Ready Player One that it was almost guaranteed to be a bit of a letdown. I still loved all the ’80s Easter eggs that I identified but this older Wade isn’t quite as engaging. He’s still a major geek but his absolute resistance to listening to others’ advice and his pity party got a bit old. One of the quests lasted too long for my taste and I wasn’t entirely happy with the identity of one of the villains. Still, the inevitable movie will be a lot of fun.

Also, the final conclusion? I don’t think I agree with it. I need to chew it over with someone.

I read Ready Player One in print but after reading rave reviews of Wil Wheaton’s narration, I listened to this installment. He really is the perfect narrator for these books.

I originally rated Ready Player Two 3.5 stars but I’ve struggled to write this review because I’ve already forgotten quite a few details in the month since I finished listening to it. I’m changing it to 3 stars.

If you’re a fan of the original book, by all means read this one. The nostalgia that made it such a hit is still there. Just try not to set your expectations as ridiculously high as mine were.

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