I have seen the entire trilogy and I think this one was the best one! I thought the songs were really on point and the plot was cohesive. I like how they continued Ben and Mal's relationship, especially in the opening scenes. While it was cute and it made sense for the characters' relationship, I was unsure on how old they are supposed to be in this movie in light of the opening scenes and an age-reference that Mal made to one of the characters.

I have a few favorite scenes that I will try to describe without spoilers. The opening scene was so good, especially with a throwback to Ben's song from the first movie! I also like Mal's duet and following scene, because it help understand Mal's feelings for one of the characters. Because this is a fantasy series, there has to be an enchantment, which made one of the characters get a different look that made them look edgier than their usual clean cut look. While it was a brief enchantment, I thought the character looked better and older. Right before the ending song and scenes, there was a touching moment between Mal and her duet partner.

Finally, I love the end! I thought Mal's speech finally bought home a point that I been waiting for since the beginning of the series. I thought the ending song was a great message, especially in these times. One of my favorite moments in the ending scenes was between Mal, Ben, and Mal's duet partner, because it was cute and fun! I would love to say more about what I think about it, but that could spoil things.

Verdict: This was a satisfying and cute wrap-up to this series.

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