Program leader speaks to new group, Part 3 of 4
Welcome to the Refuge program! Come on! That's right, great souls! Great! Now, I'm gonna tell you something that's gonna make you immediately feel a little better. People tell you… you can be born gay, that's not true. You cannot be born a homosexual, this is a lie. Now, I'm a counselor and a pastor, but was I born that way? No. It's behavioral. It's a choice. Cameron, you, you, uh, play football? Yeah?
- Yeah.
Were you born that way?
- No.
No. Now, you chose to be a football player, right? It's behavior. Now, if you... If Cameron stops playing football, he no longer is a football player. We gotta learn for ourselves where behavior comes from so we can cut it out and then we can no longer be labeled that way. Now, who can tell us what a genogram is?

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