White Fragility
White Fragility Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism By DiAngelo, Robin J Book - 2018

I would recommend to all who believe this book to be a landmark tome about racism and 'white privilege' to consider the views of the many black ppl who think it to be mostly drivel and in fact, a fundamentally racist outlook - both in it's 'soft bigotry of low expectations' and its Original Sin theory of all white ppl being essentially and irredeemably racist. The names include Coleman Hughes, John McWhorter, Glenn Loury, Wilfred Reilly, Chloe Valdary, Brittany King, Shelby Steele, Ian Rowe, Thomas Sowell, Michael Fortner, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Kmele Foster and MANY others. These folks are highly educated and most have studied the major issues of race at length. And many of them are NOT conservatives. Please do not surrender your critical faculties to white guilt and the poorly substantiated claims of the current type of anti racist ideology. Racism exists for sure but this book grossly exaggerates its current day effects and outlines a course of extreme fragility for black people and everlasting guilt for whites and thereby, it is insulting and infantilizing for both.

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