Great addition to the world of Howl and Sophie!! I actually realized while reading this that I read the continuations of HMC out of order (I read The House of Many Ways before this title, and this one actually comes before that one in chronological order), but it didn't really matter to me. As usual, Dianna Wynne Jones makes her novels shine and stand out amongst other fantasy.
Abdullah was a likable main character, and relatable (I mean, although only a select few of us secretly have a magic carpet, most of us have some form of pressuring, less-than-friendly relatives). The cultural differences between Ingary and Zanzib intrigued me (especially the whole eloquent speech thing). Flower-in-the-Night didn't stand out too much, but you see her through Abdullah's eyes, and because Abdullah loves her, you can't (exactly) hate her.
I loved seeing this book cross over with and pick up where Howl's Moving Castle left off. For those of you who haven't read that title yet (1) READ IT NOW(!!!!!!!!!!) and (2) I won't spoil things for you (or for those who HAVE read HMC but haven't read Castle in the Air yet), but's so great to see Howl and Sophie and Lettie and Princess Valeria and other familiar faces that I won't mention for the sake of the plot. I loved how DWJ intertwines everything and builds the character of Sophie and Howl and their continued dynamics. It's amusing and fantastic.
Once again, DWJ crafts a fun tale. Although none of her other books will dethrone Howl's Moving Castle as my favorite of her works (and one of my favorite books, and also movies, of all), this was another great work by her. Do read it. I actually liked it better than the House of Many Ways, although that one is still worth a read. All 3 of the titles in this series are, actually.

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