The Rules Do Not Apply
The Rules Do Not Apply A Memoir By Levy, Ariel Book - 2017 | First edition

Whoa! So disappointed in this book full of white privilege (ie. The Rules NEVER applied)! I read through because as a gay person, it is always interesting to hear how other couples made it (or didn't) because so much is heteronormative in this world. Levy does have a way with words, I will give her that, but I am upset at how "breezy" all the events in her life were...virtually no feeling besides descriptions of was as if I was reading a manniquin's tale only one that always resided on Saks Fifth Avenue....who is able to travel to India and Himalayas alone as a young person with nothing of their own besides their parent's gifts to them?...Those are trips of a lifetime that some people work to earn over their whole lifetimes. This book just didn't have much substance to it. I agree with lower rated comments below.

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