Melody has cerebral palsy. Basically, she can’t walk, talk, or move anything except her thumbs, but she’s a genius. She’s smarter than most of the adults she knows and definitely smarter than the kids at school. But, she’s frustrated because she can’t express her thoughts that go through her head. The kids at school dismiss her and her feelings as though she’s mentally challenged, but if there’s anything Melody won’t let happen, it’s being defined by her cerebral palsy, and she makes sure of it by letting everyone know of it.
I’ve recommended to many of my friends as well as my sister, and honestly, no regrets. You learn so much from this novel; gratitude, kindness, being non-judgemental, and so much more. You just get sucked into this book, and the underlying lessons that it can teach us are amazing. It’s also a topic that needs to be conveyed. So many people know so little about CP and I felt that this book did a great job explaining it.
Some things I didn’t like within this book is that it’s a bit unrealistic. There are many factual and scientific things that are wrong with it, and I’m willing to let them slide, however, there were so many stereotypes within it. For example, literally every teacher mentioned in this book is a devil. Every single teacher. I know that there are some teachers out there that are very judgemental but I have seen and had teachers that are so loving and caring, and I just found it very unrealistic, and slightly disrespectful, that they would be portrayed like that.
Other than that, if you’re looking for a good read that is motivational and has a good plot, this book will do that justice.

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