The last king
The last king DVD - 2016 | Norwegian

I did not expect much of this. I thought at first that it was about Scotland's James VI, but it is about some Norwegian king. I do not know any of that history, and I do not speak the language, so I had to read the sub-titles - another problem. But it is a great story. I followed most of the politics, but it did not really matter. There is something about the bad Church, but it seemed to be about power rather than faith, so it was not really about religion, but just another story of good vs bad, with the bad guy wearing robes.
It is a great story of saving an infant that will one day lead the country to peace. There are great action shots on skis. Beautiful countryside. Lots of snow in a place where they understand snow and cold, and do not shrink from it. It was about dedication. One guy had this great battle axe and swung it like it was very heavy and not made of plastic.
I did have a problem with so many bearded men in that it was difficult to say who was who, but that was minor..

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