Hi, Koo!
Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons By Muth, Jon J Book - 2014

Koo joyously celebrates the seasons in haiku form. While not strictly adhering to the number count of traditional haiku, this modern version retains its essence by taking snapshots of time with a primary emphasis on nature. Each segment is a delicate piece of written art, simple, yet emotionally evocative. Koo and his friends are adorable as they play in both silly scenes, and awe-inspiring settings. With every moment enjoyed to the fullest.

Watercolours grace these pages with their soft touch, painting life into nature. The seasons progress from fall through to summer, building towards a more colourful palette. At its climax, the author ends with the most beautiful portrait of all. This final image stops what would be a never-ending cycle of seasons. Its final message on the "quiet" time, brings a sense of closure to us readers who were floating higher and higher on its words.

Like any haiku, these require reflection to understand them to their fullest. While the images will easily please younger children, they may find difficulty in making sense of the unusual structure. However, older children will find great pleasure in this meaningful text that evokes memory. Muth captures both the beauty and joy that is found in each season, equally with his words and art.

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