Well, kiddies - I seriously warn you, don't expect this grossly flawed, absurd and laughably pretentious tale about the ultimate "lost boy", Jesus Christ, to fit in with your starry-eyed ideas of religious revelation.

Containing just about every religious cliche in the book (and then some), our "fictionalized" story opens with Christ as an aimless, young, Jewish man whose means of employment is (get this!) building wooden crosses for the Romans so that they, in turn, can nail up his fellow countrymen in occupied Judea. (Can you believe it!!??)

In my opinion, actor Willem Dafoe certainly made for being an ultimately terrible Jesus Christ character. He really did. Not only did Dafoe totally lack a commanding screen-presence, but, his uninspiring "Christ" depiction convinced me that Jesus was nothing but a babbling, clueless schizophrenic who actually had conversations with burning bushes and blindly believed that "God" worked in mysterious ways.

Unfortunately, this film's high-handed, little story inevitably deteriorated into a dumb "ancient time" soap opera where Christ regularly screwed his wife (who was an ex-whore), went on family picnics with his kids, and tragically transformed into one of the biggest couch-potatoes that biblical times has ever seen.

My recommendation - Save yourself 2 hours and 40 minutes of blasphemous grief and watch something else instead.

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