Viva Mallorca!
Viva Mallorca! One Mallorcan Autumn By Kerr, Peter Book - 2005

I confess that I'm an armchair traveler, a student of Spanish and an aficionado of humorous books. So this one scores on all three. Much of the humor comes from the author's conversations with a couple of his elderly quirky neighbors. One is an old (macho) man who spouts off about his virility. Another funny conversation happens when Kerr's wife says "hígado", which wasn't what she meant. This is the 3rd book in Kerr's trilogy about moving his family from Scotland to grow oranges in Mallorca. Not realizing that, I read it first and then read "Snowball Oranges" (the 2nd), which I found somewhat disappointing. "Viva Mallorca!" is among the best in its genre.

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