When the Body Says No
When the Body Says No Exploring the Stress-disease Connection By Maté, Gabor Book - 2011

Medical myths are dangerous because they often give patients a false sense of hope and a distorted view of their illness' cause, and can cause a delay in care and impair treatment.

In a nutshell, according to Maté diseases are caused by the stress of unresolved childhood trauma. This narrative is elaborated upon through long-winded and superfluous medical anecdotes which contain mountains of falsehoods and medical myths. Any science cited is cherry-picked at best. But the most preposterous (and dangerous) of them all is a reprint of a claim by one of his colleagues, a new-age self-help guru Dr. Christiane Northrup. According to his citation, Northrup says that she had witnessed firsthand a patient become cured of end stage ALS. How? The patient simply took the time for "self love and personal inventory".

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