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Plagued by both a reckless ego and nagging self-doubt, Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock becomes obsessed with a grisly murder story that the studios won't back. Determined, he risks his reputation, his home and even the love of his wife Alma, as he sets out to make the film.


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Aug 03, 2019

This movie is a biography and a comedy about the making of director Alfred Hitchcock’s famous slasher film, Psycho. Most influencers in the movie industry of 1959 thought even the idea of an insane killer dressed up as his taxidermied mother was tasteless. Hitchcock’s usual producers would not back it because they thought the censors would ban it for nudity, violence, and insanity. Hitchcock had to mortgage his own house to pay for the production, but it paid off very well, at about 62 times what he spent to make it. Psycho restored Alfred Hitchcock’s career and put him back on his financial feet. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are hilarious as squabbling an old married couple. My only real complaint is the doldrums about 30 minutes around half-way through, but the scenery was beautiful. The rest of the movie was surprisingly funny, despite its gory subject matter. 4/5. @TheLastSarcasm of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Nov 19, 2017

Hitchcock held me attention just as his movies did for many audiences. The actor who played Hitch did a wonderful job. The voice, the speech patterns, the body shape, the body langurage was excellent. Dame Helen Mirren was excellent as Alma the Hitchcock wife. The plot centered mainly around the making & release of Psycho. A well made movie. A documdrama can not cover as much biographical mater as a book. I am not a movie history purist but this movie met my expectations.

Jun 06, 2017

HINT: This is a la-la land fantasy, not to in anyway be taken seriously. Example: In the famous/infamous Shower Scene, Janet Leigh and `Mother` were filmed at totally separate times, then edited together (Janet Leigh`s screams were all her own acting talent, Hitchcock most assuredly was NOT standing off-camera, threatening her with a knife.) In fact, according to Janet Leigh, Hitchcock was a sweetheart to her (maybe because, unlike Vera Miles, Leigh was a devoted workhorse who saw things as `Us vs. The World`.) Oh, and for all you ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasts and things that go `BELCH!` in the night fans: Ed Gein did NOT keep Mommy Dearest in the back bedroom. He just kept her room (unlike the rest of the filthy hell-hole house) dusted, cleaned, and locked up. The town sheriff and the coroner were NOT fooled by Gein`s explanation of his brother`s death - they just could not convince the Hard-Shell Baptist town council of the truth. Poor old Ed got away with what he did because - like Leroy, the handy man in THE BAD SEED - practically everybody in town was too busy making fun of Ed to realize just what they were teasing him about. And those that had realized the truth (Ed WAS dangerous) had no proof to present to convince anyone else. It wasn`t until the national and international media descended on the town and started interviewing people, the good citizens of the town suddenly realized what pin-head morons they sounded like to the rest of the world. Watch this movie for the enjoyment of off-kilter story-telling, not for a `history lesson`. You`ll have a better time of it.

Mar 07, 2017

Excellent. Hitch was the master of suspense. He and Alma had to mortgage their home to finance Psycho, one of the scarcest movies of all time.

Jan 24, 2017

The _longest_ 98-minute movie ever made. Bad, bad script. Crummy dialogue. Stupid narrative structure, and fantasy scenes that are utterly implausible even on the level of fantasy. So... Hitchcock imagined that the serial killer Ed Gein was his psychiatrist, and the movie's dum-de-dumb-dumb POV expects us to take this straight. The movie is an INSULT to the real-life persons it portrays. A couple of actors come off well -- Toni Collette, Danny Huston -- but basically this is amateur night stuff. Concept of Anthony Perkins is so offensive that the Perkins estate ought to have sued for defamation. The worthless ScarJo is totally wrong as Janet Leigh, although I can't imagine what the vapid ScarJo would be right for. She sucks even more than usual here. AAAAAnnnnndddd! There's a typically OVERBEARING danny elfman musical score bombastically thudding from scene to scene in souped-up glossy phony orchestrations that ought to have been _retired_ ages ago. Elfman's "music" always sounds like Franz Waxman on Olympic steroids -- never more so than here.

Apr 16, 2016

This film only makes sense if you have seen the original “Psycho.” It was entertaining to see some of the techniques of making such a film, but you never really get much of an idea because so little of the actual greatness of “Psycho” is exposed. I think it might have been much better if simulated footage before and after fixes would have been added to the film to demonstrate the improvements made with the creative process. I really don’t see how anybody could really understand this film without seeing the real thing.

LaEstrella Mar 03, 2016

Amazing movie!!!!

Dec 27, 2015

Great acting, good movie about the essential role of the wife in the background of the great man.

Nov 13, 2015

Rated 10/10.

Apr 14, 2015

Hopkins was just okay as Hitch, but I give Helen Mirren high marks for her portrayal of Alma.

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