All the Devils Are Here

All the Devils Are Here

Book - 2020
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May 03, 2021

Though I love Louise Penny's books, I could not get into this story or enjoy the characters.

Apr 29, 2021

The Ganache family gather in Paris where Armand's son and daughter live. After dining with his godfather, Stephen Horowitz, they see him struck by a car in an attempted murder. Thus begins a tale of powerful, corrupt people that draw in the family, posing the question: Whom do you trust?

Mar 30, 2021

Not her best but was a good read. Not sure why the "F" word was used so much. I did love Idola being introduced and actually loved that Stephen was a surprise in the ending.

Mar 21, 2021

All of her books about the Gamaches are great--but I found this one really a fantastic read! I read ALOT, and this is the first time I've actually taken the time to write a review. I'm not going to give away anything about this story, but if you enjoy reading interesting & exciting stories you should take the time to read this one.

Mar 05, 2021

Always a pleasure to read, enjoyed the Paris setting

Feb 20, 2021

I truly loved the book until the end. I thought the ending was so unrealistic and didn't think the author needed to make it "all better" for her readers. I still enjoyed all the characters, the settings and this one had a lot of action.

Feb 19, 2021

Not my favourite book of hers. I found it rather boring and had to push myself to finish. The plot was far-fetched. She didn't make Paris sound very interesting and I rather missed the Canadian setting.

Feb 09, 2021


Jan 20, 2021

This is my favourite Louise Penny book! While interesting at first, I found it tedious in her other books to be spending so much time in Three Pines with all of its 'colourful' characters. I particularly got tired of reading page after page about how the gang regularly meets in the bistro to gorge themselves.

In setting the book in Paris and shaking off Three Pines (for the moment), I think Louise Penny has written her best Gamache novel so far. Particularly enjoyable was how she brought the whole Gamache family together in this book, so you can really see the interplay between the family members.

And, as a mystery, it's great. She keeps matters vague enough so you are wondering, page after page, who to trust. A great ending!

Jan 20, 2021

I enjoyed this book as much as her others, but I missed the village of Three Pines and its collection of interesting characters. Thank heavens they came back!!

Dec 31, 2020

Another gem from Louise Penny! This time the setting is Paris as the Gamache family tries to unravel a mystery. Danger and mayhem ensue.

Dec 31, 2020

This is her best book in a while. I thought the plot got a bit muddled when Stephen Horowitz was denounced as a collaborator. After that the plot sort of ran away from the author. Lots of Armand's family history is shared with the reader. Lots of red herrings. She keeps you guessing til the end.

Dec 30, 2020

Set in Paris, the story has a surprise ending and plenty of tension throughout the book. The only thing I find unbelievable is that Armand and Jean-Guy would be able to take part in an investigation in France. Nevertheless, a really good read.

Dec 23, 2020

It's bittersweet to finish the latest Gamache book. I have loved every one of them. when it started out transported to France, I was wondering if Lousie Penny could make up for leaving all of the 3 Pines characters at home. She did and more so. There were enough tidbits about them to keep them connected to the story but not in a way that I felt she was catering to the reader by repeating too many of the details. This probably caused new readers to the series some confusion but hopefully it was enough to get them to go back and read (or better yet) listen to the whole series. The narrated books bring a richness to the stories. This isn't always the case with some narrators but the two great narrators that were selected more than do the books justice.

Dec 22, 2020

This is the first of the author’s books I attempted to read. I gave up less than 10% of the way in the book. There are so many characters that I could not keep up. I would have needed to create a spreadsheet to understand who was who. And did I say that sometime, without warning last names without a first name are thrown in? I decide pad it was not worth the effort and threw in the towel.

In addition I believe there are scenes in Quebec mixed in with scenes in Paris, all with French names. Too much work to try and sort out characters and locations.

One more. There is a conflict brewing between an executive and his subordinate. Allegedly the executive is an experienced police leader. Having been an executive, he completely failed to prepare for the job or even deal with the issue. What he should have done is so obvious I couldn’t get past this set up scene.

Excellent writing and gripping plot, as usual.
Two flaws. Daniel's hatred of his father, Gamache, is unrealistic in an adult son who had two strong parents and a stable middle class family life. Suggesting Daniel could be so damaged because his parent was a cop is an insult to all children who grew up with parents in the military or police force of any other dangerous profession.
And the end moves too fast. I had to re-read the last chapters again to understand what exactly had happened.

Dec 08, 2020

This latest Armand Gamache novel will not disappoint fans. Kudos to Louise Penny. And once you've finished the book, take time to read the Acknowledgements, they're heartwarming.

Nov 28, 2020

Not quite as enjoyable as the previous Gamache books. Maybe too many characters to keep track of? I found it took me much longer to read than usual, but that may be because I am now in my 80s. I was pleased that it ended in three Pines.

Nov 22, 2020

Good plot. I did suspect a couple of red herrings that were thrown in. A somewhat ‘Hollywood’ ending. I’ve been in Paris a few times so enjoyed reading about the familiar places, including the Rodin garden. Looking forward to be back Quebec’s eastern townships.

Nov 19, 2020

Found in the AARP magazine

Nov 14, 2020

I always have the same comments for Louise Penny's books. This time: here it is all over again, in Paris. Marvelous characters, new mystery. You will not go wrong with any of the Armand Gamache series.

Hillsboro_JeanineM Nov 12, 2020

Another great Gamache mystery! Penny does not disappoint. This one is set in the Marais neighborhood of Paris which I love.

Nov 08, 2020

Louise Penny does it again. It may be set in Paris but all the characters are so human and flawed and kind and brave. I love them. How does she come up with a suspenseful plot each time, each story fresh? I couldn't put the book down. Louise has raised my reading standards that books by other authors aren't good enough.

Nov 05, 2020

I always wait with great impatience for the next Louise Penny Three Pines mystery. This one is particularly great because it reunites the entire Gamache family - his wife, Reine-Marie, daughter Annie who is about to give birth, her husband ( Armand's former partner at the Sûreté du Québec ) Jean-Guy Beauvoir , and Daniel the estranged son. The mystery is a great page-turner as always, but the only better setting in the world for this series than the village of Three Pines is Paris. I loved knowing where they were when they walked the city and what they could see.... The ending is so great that I actually cried from both sorrow and joy. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot recommend this series more highly - just start with the beginning. Kristi & Abby Tabby

Oct 25, 2020

This was my favorite Louise Penny book. I have enjoyed every one of her books. I was afraid I would miss the Three Pines characters since it took place in Paris. I was wrong. Getting to know the Gamache family was so satisfying. The dynamics and past family issues were intriguing. The mystery gave me whiplash going back and forth as to who were the bad guys. To me that's a sign of a good mystery. One last comment. The very last pages gave me huge laughs and ended with tears in my eyes.

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