Arthur Ellis Award

A group of Canadian literary awards presented annually by the Crime Writers of Canada for the best Canadian crime and mystery writing.

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Book - 2019 Winner, Novel, 2020
Nominees: Michael Christie
FIC Chri
All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 1 on 3 copies
Nobody Move
eBook - 2019 Winner, 1st Novel, 2020
Nominees: Philip Elliott
Cobra Clutch
Book - 2018 Winner, 1st Novel, 2019
Nominees: A.J. Devlin
MYS Devl
Available in some locations
Though the Heavens Fall
Book - 2018 Winner, Novel, 2019
Nominees: Anne Emery
MYS Emer
Available in some locations
Full Curl
eBook - 2017 Winner, 1st Novel, 2018
Nominees: Dave Butler
Not Currently Available.Holds: 0 on 1 Copy
Sleeping in the Ground
Book - 2017 Winner, Novel, 2018
Nominees: Peter Robinson
MYS Robi
Available in some locations
Strange Things Done
Book - 2016 Winner, 1st Novel, 2017
Nominees: Elle Wild
MYS Wild
Available in some locations
The Fortunate Brother
Book Winner, Novel, 2017
Nominees: Donna Morrissey
FIC Morr
Available in some locations
Open Season
Book - 2015 Winner, Novel, 2016
Nominees: Peter Kirby
MYS Kirb
Available in some locations
The Unquiet Dead
Book - 2015 | First edition Winner, 1st Novel, 2016
Nominees: Ausma Zahanat Khan
MYS Khan
Available in some locations
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